Author Daisy Roberts – She Takes You to the Edge®


I just wrapped up my final internet radio show for 2010. I am thankful to all of my listeners, guests and fans for supporting the Dialogue With Daisy and Friends show. You all have helped me to grow exponentially during this past year.

Many, Many thanks to my producer and co-host, Tim Jones, who has brought tireless energy and innovative ideas to the show. Thank you to Lisa Tyrell-Perry who has been with me from the beginning of the show as it started in May 2010. Thanks so much to Deranty Cohen (my #1 fan, as he says) for always tuning in; David Johnson for your loyal support; Clavia Howard of Lazy Daze Cruise & Travel for your never-ending support of my show and me; Amena Mitchell for your intellect and support you lend to the show; Tiffani Real for your wisdom, candor, loyalty and consistent support. I am enamored with your expressions of love for me. A big hug and kiss to all of you. May 2011 shine as brightly as the star that is YOU!!

Please be reminded to visit my web site at: and order a copy of A Blood Like Yours. Autographed copies are available for only $10.00 through 12/22/2010 with no shipping charges.

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