Author Daisy Roberts – She Takes You to the Edge®

2011-Jan 2

To learn more about me, (more than you wanted to know, perhaps) see below and also check out my web site at

1. Any other forty-something women out there who are members of Club Hysterectomy and just can’t get enuf of f#%king…or is it just me?

2. Why do “Christians” judge others but find no fault in themselves?

3. Readers often ask me where do my ideas for my characters and plots come from. My answer is from my everyday life and experiences. When I get writers’ block, I take a ride on MARTA (ATL’s public transp.) or go to our equivalent of Greenwich Village; L5P and people watch or go and sit in any hospital emergency room or checkout ATL’s busy airport. After a couple of hours of doing this, I no longer have writers’ block and have enough material for at least 5 more chapters.

4. Just because I write sex scenes doesn’t make my material porn. Without those steamy scenes, the story line wouldn’t make sense. And if my sex scenes don’t make you want to act them out; then I haven’t written them properly.

5. Don’t confuse Daisy with Judy, they are mutually exclusive women.

6. If I receive a text message from a guy after midnight asking me to come over & service him, is that a booty text?

7. What ever happened to courting?

8. An orgasm a day(actually does) keeps the insanity away.

9. Have you heard about the serial rapist on a bicycle in Stone Mountain, Ga? This is true, not made up.

10. My Mom had to show me how to insert a tampon. Normal, right…except I was age 39 when she taught me. This too is true, not made up.

11. While talking to my daughter on my cell phone, I asked her to call my cell number so I could locate my phone.

12. And y’all thought I was crazy….

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