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Vote for Me To Be the Face of About.Me –

Beginning today and everyday through September 20, 2011, please cast your vote for me to become the next Times Square billboard face of Your daily votes will propel me into an enormous forum of getting the word out about the cause I relentlessly give my time and efforts to lately…the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

As many of you know, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2010 and as such, I’ve become a staunch advocate in raising funds to fight this disease. I am proud to say that my Mom is doing magnificently well since her diagnosis and I give many thanks to your multitude of prayers and positive life thoughts you’ve provided to me and my family! So I’m raising votes to become the Times Square face in order to bring emphasis and exposure to the very necessary cause of minorities and people of color becoming much more educated about the diseases of leukemia and lymphoma and the importance of becoming a bone marrow donor.

Please continue to support me and my Leukemia and Lymphoma awareness efforts by voting daily for me by going to this link:

Also please be patient with me as I send you daily emails, advising and/or reminding you of where I fall in the voting contest.

Thanks again for helping me be a part of the top 10% of vote getters thus far, however my goal is to be in the top 1%, so please spread the word to your people (family, relatives, co-workers, friends an associates) to vote for me each and everyday beginning now through September 20.

Peace, love and blessed health to you and yours,

Daisy Roberts

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