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Sex Props You Already Have In Your Bedroom

2011-JAN 01

1. Cell Phone – This gadget is like the Swiss Army knife of undercover sex toys. Put it on vibrate, and it’ll give you and your guy’s hot spots a body-quivering buzz. Or use the video function to record a naughty flick—even though you’ll (wisely) hit delete as soon as the deed is over, just knowing you’re being filmed is a ridiculous turn-on.

2. Pillowcase – Yeah, that thing you sleep on is actually a sex prop conveniently built-in to your bed. When you want to kink things up, just take a pillowcase, fold it over a couple of times, and tie it over your guy’s eyes or around his wrists. Have your way with him, and then let him return the favor.

3. Cashmere Sock – Slip it on your man’s erect penis, wrap your hand around his shaft, and then gently make a slow twisting motion up and down—the soft texture will feel awesome against his sensitive skin (just don’t go fast, or it’ll feel too rough with the fabric). Once you sense he’s super aroused, pull the sock off and surprise him by immediately taking him in your mouth.

4. Hairbrush – Lay on your stomach and have your guy straddle you. Ask him to give you a back massage, slowly sweeping the brush from the top of your shoulders to the backs of your thighs. The gentle pressure of the bristles will perk up all of your hot spots, putting your desire into overdrive.

5. Lace Underwear – Tie your lacy underwear around the base of your guy’s penis. The (very) slight constriction will help him maintain a harder erection (bonus for you!), and once he climaxes, the release will be extra intense.

6. Mouthwash – Have your guy swish with a little bit before he explores you with his mouth. The menthol will make the sensations you feel really tingly, priming you for a more powerful orgasm.

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