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The Problem Men Have With an Independent Woman

2011-MAR 19 – Anthony C. Rucker
I’m independent . . . Independence means I don’t need anybody for anything. As said in a great movie, “Why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shoveling?”
Bill Gates, rich man that he is, still needs Charmin to make toilet paper and Ma Bell for phone service. Independence for him means having the ability to pay for it himself, which is all this new found independence everybody is claiming means, I now have money and means. It doesn’t mean you don’t need others, or that they are only good for one thing. Participate in a quick experiment to prove my point. Get a $100 dollar bill, then ask it to keep you company, to talk to you about your problems, to share a special moment with you, to plant your vegetables, to sew your clothes, and to fix your car. You get the point. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if there isn’t another person involved it’s totally useless. We need each other on so many levels. Even master card recognizes there are some things money can’t buy. . ., and the sooner you get that fact straight, the sooner you can have healthy relationships.
Words are power and what you speak from your mouth will most likely manifest in your life. If you say the opposite sex is only good for one thing then chances are that’s all you’ll receive from them, which will leave you emotionally unbalanced with an emptiness you can’t explain. So when you say, “They are only good for one thing,” or “They can’t do anything for you,” take time to remember that’s all you’ve expected and allowed them to be in your life.
Refusing help or courtesy doesn’t make you independent; in most cases it makes you a hypocrite. If there was a contest where you could win free food for life everybody would play it like the lottery (another game where everyone wants something for nothing).
Contest giveaways whether for movie tickets, money, or vacations are viewed as possibilities to get ahead, be blessed, or get lucky, but when a person offers the same services all of a sudden you’re an independent super human who doesn’t need or desire anything from anybody. Enough already! Put your misconceptions and bad attitudes back in the pretty boxes they came in, take them back to where you got them, and get a refund. Quit lying to yourself and everybody else. Besides, independence is something that is better seen than heard.

Brought to you by Anthony C. Rucker author of (The Relationship Cookbook)

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